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Vehicle Tracking

In recent times many companies have taken to using integrating GPS tracking on their business vehicles, whether a single car or a fleet of vans or large vehicles.  Being able to easily track every vehicle, know its precise location and the distance it has travelled offers valuable insight for businesses of all kinds and this vehicle tracking facility is something now offered by Clever Talk.

GPS tracking is about more than just checking where a vehicle is.  It gives useful information that can include mileage, fuel consumptions, cabin temperature of some vehicles and more.  This allows companies to get the fullest picture of their vehicles, their efficiency and if they are the right model for the job.  But the systems are also scalable to suit your needs, so you can have simple vehicle tracking if this is all your company requires.

We can create a system that tracks your vehicles and allows you to easily access this information.  You can use it to plan routes or stop off points, coordinate with suppliers or any other reason.  You can also make sure employees are following rules and add a degree of oversight that can sometimes be useful.

Tracking vehicles and the associated staff is also useful for automating elements such as shift reports and full vehicle history.  Mileage reports also allow for tracking things such as how often a vehicle needs servicing.




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