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Business Landlines

Business landlines are an important service into your company – not only do they provide a means for customers to contact but they often provide access to the internet.  So how do you choose the perfect business landline provider?

There are a number of different types of lines offered and choosing between these is something you can do with the company – you don’t need to be an expert yourself.  The most common currently used systems include:

  • Single analogue lines – mainly for calls, connecting fax machines and broadband connections
  • Multi-line analogue lines – these add extra lines to receive multiple calls with the call rerouting to the second or additional lines if the first is busy
  • ISDN2e – these are single high-quality digital lines that use separate channels for voice, video, data and fax as well as allocating separate numbers to users
  • ISDN30 – this is for larger companies and usually covers 8-30 lines with the same features as ISDN2e

The cost of the package is a big consideration.  Not only is there the line rental to look at but also call charges and call plans.  Does your business call outside the UK?  What kind of costs will customers face when ringing your lines?

Working with a specialist such as Clever Talk can make all these decisions much easier.  Rather than spending hours working through different options, we can help you assess the needs of your business.  We can then offer ideas about the ideal solution for business landlines that will be cost-effective and meet your company’s needs.  We can also offer phone system installation and maintenance, business mobiles and IT network options to work alongside the landline service.

Clever Talk provides solutions to clients across Scotland.

Contact Clever Talk to discuss your requirements.



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