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FAQ - About Us

Clever Talk is a top provider of telephony and internet services for companies across Scotland.  Our aim is to help businesses get the kind of equipment and services they need at the best possible price without spending money on excess equipment.  We offer a comprehensive range of services that mean you can get a complete telephony system for your business easily and cost-effectively.

We pride ourselves on always being up to date with the latest tech in our field.  This means trying new equipment, testing new software and giving a trial to the latest mobile phones.  Our aim is to provide you with information to help you make a choice that you are confident about by ensuring we have all the facts for you.  Let us give you expert advice on your business landlines, equipment, business mobiles and even on your utilities.

FAQ - Services

There are a number of different types of lines offered and choosing between these is something you can do with the company – you don’t need to be an expert yourself.  The most common currently used systems include:

  • Single analogue lines – mainly for calls, connecting fax machines and broadband connections
  • Multi-line analogue lines – these add extra lines to receive multiple calls with the call rerouting to the second or additional lines if the first is busy
  • ISDN2e – these are single high-quality digital lines that use separate channels for voice, video, data and fax as well as allocating separate numbers to users
  • ISDN30 – this is for larger companies and usually covers 8-30 lines with the same features as ISDN2e

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a rapidly spreading system that involves making telephone calls over the internet and removes the need for wires, circuits or anything other than an internet connection.  Figures show that in the US it is already used by one-third of businesses and here in the UK it is also becoming increasingly popular. 

Mobile device management is a key part of running business mobiles.  More and more businesses offer mobile phones to their staff to help them with their roles and the growth of flexible working has made staff more liable to work away from the business premises.  Having the right devices and then managing them is key to success and cost efficiency.

IT networking is crucial for most businesses today, especially if you use the internet in any way such as cloud software or VOIP landlines.  An increasing number of devices operate across the network rather than through traditional cables and this means your network needs to be strong enough to handles all these demands.  Clever Talk can help with this by offering a range of solutions to get the best fit for your business.

FAQ - Utilities

With the introduction of new competition measures across the UK, businesses now have greater flexibility about who supplies them with water.  But when it comes to finding the right deal and negotiating all the details of that deal, it can still be a complex process.  That’s why Clever Talk now offer water services for business customers to help with this crucial utility supply.



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