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Business Mobiles

The increase in flexible working and the ability for people to work away from the main premises means that business mobiles are more important than ever.  But rather than getting them one at a time for each employee as needed, companies can save money and have a better system by using an expert provider such as Clever Talk to create a business mobile package for them.

If you already have business mobiles, we can assess the packages and contracts to see what works for you already.  Then we can look at the various providers we have contact with and see what they can do.  This means you get the benefits of shopping around without any additional work yourself.  We can also design bespoke packages if you have specific needs within the business around mobiles phones or services.

The actual phones themselves are another important area.  There are plenty of different handsets to choose from but getting the best business mobile is different to a personal mobile phone.  You want something that offers the functions you need, is easy to use for the less tech-savvy staff and is durable.  We can advise about the different phones to consider based on your needs and see whether it is best to offer the same phone to everyone or to offer different ones to different roles within the company.

Clever Talk provides solutions to clients across Scotland.

Contact Clever Talk to discuss your requirements.



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