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Gas & Electricity

Gas and electricity are two of the most key utilities that your business requirements, electricity being perhaps the most essential.  From powering the heating and lighting to the various equipment staff use, electricity is something you can’t do without.  And if you have a gas supply to your business and use it for heating or other services, it can be a big part of the company’s utility bills.

Clever Talk now offer gas & electricity services to help you get the best deal for your utilities as well as make the whole process easier and less time-consuming.  We can carry out an assessment of your needs and the current deals you have in place then compare them around the market to see what options are available.  We can then give you information to help you decide what option you want to go with and put everything into place after you choose.

We can get competitive pricing for our customers and also reduce the workload by handling all the communications between you and the utility companies.  We can look to get the best deal, the right services and the terms that suit your company.  We can even look at additional services such as water as well as organise PAT testing for electrical equipment in the business.



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Reduce Your Business Gas & Electricity Costs