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Broadband has quickly become a key part of business infrastructure, especially with the growth of cloud software.  Many companies no longer have large, expensive servers in their properties and instead, access many of the services they need across the internet.  There is one problem that can occur with this system – you need to have a reliable and quick internet connection.

There are different options available for broadband connection depending on where you are in the country.  There are super-fast fibre optic cables in many areas or traditional broadband where these have yet to be introduced.  Clever Talk can assess the business needs and the local infrastructure to help you find the right set up at the right price point.

Wi-Fi within the business is another key area.  Many devices now connected wirelessly to the internet, saving all those cables.  But you do need the Wi-Fi to be set up correctly or there is a risk that it won’t work or gets interference from other electrical equipment. 

You may even want to offer customer access to the Wi-Fi network when they are on the business premises.  We can help set up a system that works efficiently, doesn’t experience issues with other powerful equipment locations and can allow you to provide customer Wi-Fi free of charge.  This makes for a better customer experience and builds that brand loyalty.



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