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Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is a key part of running business mobiles.  More and more businesses offer mobile phones to their staff to help them with their roles and the growth of flexible working has made staff more liable to work away from the business premises.  Having the right devices and then managing them is key to success and cost efficiency.

Managing the mobile devices within the business is a service that can be tailored to what you need.  Clever Talk offer management of all devices to create that on-demand virtual environment for staff to access what they need from their work devices.  This includes security to ensure no-one outside the company can access sensitive data.

We also off the scalable architecture for your devices to ensure the company is only using and paying for what it needs.  As staff numbers or assignments change, the need for certain devices or access may also change and we can help you easily adapt to this.

As well as managing the devices you have, we can assist in setting up the hardware in the first place.  This means advice on things like operating systems, smartphone models and infrastructure within the business to support all of this.  We can help you get the right network and tariffs for your needs and keep a handle on the cost of the mobile devices you and your staff are using.



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