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With the introduction of new competition measures across the UK, businesses now have greater flexibility about who supplies them with water.  But when it comes to finding the right deal and negotiating all the details of that deal, it can still be a complex process.  That’s why Clever Talk now offer water services for business customers to help with this crucial utility supply.

Back in April 2017, the system was changed to allow businesses and non-household customers to choose from the various water supply companies as to who would supply their business.  This means your business can get the same water but from a different supplier, often at a different price and with a different service package involved.  This means there is a potential to save money on the cost of the water supply as well as adding greater control.

Your business can now use our services as a package or as a standalone service to help with the water supply to your business properties.  This includes fresh water in and waste water out, both crucial services.  In addition to water, we can also assist with other utilities such as gas and electric as well as a host of phone and mobile device services to cut down the time you spend dealing with different companies for the essential utilities in your business.



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